Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dholak Stand

Some people play dholak by sitting on the floor or on the stage, some people play by sitting on the chair. Dholki player keeps dholak on his thy or on a stand to play dholak. Stand for dholak or dholki stand can be purchased from market or through internet. one such site is

another site is

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dholak Kaharwa Dha Dha Dha Tete

Play most popular taal of Kaharwa. Dha Dha Dha Tete, Dha Dha Dha Tete

Dholak lesson 4 Kaharwa an other famous style

As in my previous videos you have seen how to play dholak lesson 1,2 & 3.  I think many people had understand what I was trying to tell. How to play the taals.  Kaharwa 8 beat  taal is most popular in the world. It has many types. One of them is described as under. Say 1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4  Dha, dha, dha, tete, dha, dha, dha, tete.  Here one can see that in one beat dha is played. In three beats play dha and on fourth beat play 'tete' .  TETE should be completed on fourth beat. some fast hand movement is required on playing TETE. 

See the taal in English

See the taal bol in Hindi

 Some songs you can play on this taal:  I am remembering some songs:
1. Tere dar pe aaya hoon kuch kar ke jaaoonga 
     jholi bhar ke jaaoonga ya mar ke jaaoonga 
2. Shirdi wale Sai Baba, Aaya main tere dar pe sawali

Monday, February 18, 2013

Dholak lesson 3 Dadra


Dholak lesson 2 Kaharwa


Dholak lesson 1


Dholak playing

Dholak is most popular taal instrument in India. We see every house is having dholak and played on some happy festive occasions. Generally ladies gathered and sing songs like bhajans, film songs, mehandi songs, dance numbers etc. Only few ladies are perfect to play and match the taal with the song.  Matching the taal with the song's mood and timing is necessary for any percussion instrument.
Even boys and man also play dholak their style of playing dholak is some different than ladies style. Ladies style dholak has some simple beats. But man have heavy hand and tirkit and alankars are frequently use in playing stylish dholak. Some famous taals like Kaharwa, Dadra, Rupak, Dhol taal are very famous to play. Kaharwa taal is of 8 beats or matra and Dadra taal is of 6 beats or matra, Rupak Taal is of 7 beats or matra. India have variety of taals which is not seen in foreign country. In foreign only Dadra, Kaharwa is played and its kind is played. In India in Tabla so many beats or matra taals are there and learned by students of Tabla like 4, 6, 7,8,9,10,11, 12,14,15,16 and so many other matra taals. It is a sea. You take a dip in the sea of Taals and you will see so many beautiful shankh, seep and even moti  of melodius rhythms also which will bound you to dance in different ways.